When someone has asked you if you lift and the only way you can reply is by saying "i don't lift i hoist"
When your being told a joke and they dont get it, you ask if they hoist...
by DO YOU LIFT? May 9, 2013
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To Hoist: The art of removing objects with absolute retard strength
Yeah bro I just got to the gym boutta hoist
by DeepDishPizzaComingUp January 26, 2021
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to hoist, to be hoistable, to hoist with enthusiasm
Get a hoist up ya!
by adz March 6, 2003
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To move an computer program instruction out of a loop's body into its head.
I am going to take this CFG and hoist it up your ass.
by protones October 18, 2011
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Adjective: Hoy-stid

Definition: To be exteremely high on marjiuana.

Synonyms: Lifted, Baked, Stoned, Cheeched, Faded, Ripped, High, To' up etc.
I think that last bong rip really did it. I am pretty fuckin hoisted.

Best used when you are not trying to reveal just how high you truly are.
by Steven J Lombard, IL February 18, 2011
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Aka a pair of shoelaces aka zip ties

Use them on your tits to stop them touching your belly

Use rope or string or anything really. Even wear a bra if you have to
Her: Whats with the shoelaces?
You: I'm going to give you a hangers hoist
by Working Class Hero November 25, 2020
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