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REALLY Cold. So cold that even Liz's butt is cold.
Me: Dang, it's cold. How cold is it, Liz?
Liz: It's butt-cold
by adawg November 05, 2003
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1: To be totally awesome, and prove it by posting a definition for your own name on the internet for all to see.
2: Anyone who totally rocks Ryan Macualey's world at Halo.

Aaron: hey Ryan, what's up?
Ryan: I wish I was as cool a Adawg :-(
by adawg November 05, 2003
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adj: someone of asian indian culture who is an horse fucker
"Prunil is a punttang"
by Adawg November 18, 2003
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Having a best friend and all they do is continually complain about you.
My best friend Britney Dee was being a jerk to me the other day.
by ADawg June 10, 2012
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