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Political Ideology following the traits and beliefs of clowns. Clownism promotes cars with doors that fall off and a large production of custard pies as well as big red noses and silly clothes.
Clownism isnt respected and isnt adopted by any country except there has been talk of all the worlds clowns uniting together and taking over Ohio in the U.S. they will take Ohio, rename it JOKEHIO and make its leader Bippo the Clown supreme lord.
"One Nation, One People, One Supreme Clown"
"Clowns of the world unite under Bippo"
"No Clown will let the enemy set foot in Jokehio!"
by Adam Clarke August 12, 2004
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1. Jackassery generally associated with consumption of large amounts of alcohol. Usually involves more than one person acting foolish in the same manner as a circus clown would but to a much higher degree. 2. Saying stupid things after drinking too much that others laugh at one about.
1. Look at the way he is acting, his clownism is ridiculous!

2. Did you hear what she just said!? That was a clownism for sure!
by Skinard June 28, 2010
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