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A class of leader whose authority goes unquestioned until some guy realizes that said leader is a total jerk and *French Revolution*
monarchs- Henry the anythingth
by caelub August 22, 2008
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- A legend...
- A person with an unlimited supply of sex appeal and he rivals the likes of Mang Kanor, James Deen, and Ron Jeremy.

- A character who would buy a new car for a free air filter
- He is also known for being irresistible to the chinese ladies
- Name-droppers used Monarch to extort expensive gift from their partners
BF: honey, buy me the new Steph Curry shoes. Monarch has one....
GF: sure (no questions asked)
by Tikisude July 11, 2016
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A dark overlord who oversees every mistake humanity has ever made. Most evil people are described as Monarch to spread fear.
Look at boss. He is a "Monarch"
by Idilioruckus February 10, 2018
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The coolest damn band ever. And the coolest people ever. Tom and Tyler love them taxes.
Wow, monarch is such a kick-ass band.
Lets go do our taxes.
I just bought a huge bag of taxes.
Wanna do taxes in a joint or a bong?
by tyler January 31, 2005
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