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The combination of the words weed and booger. A wooger is a chunk of weed that gets in your mouth when smoking joints and blunts. They usually more resin than plant.
Aye bro, you got a wooger on your lip.
by Abriel Ole September 30, 2016
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Very similar to a booger; a wooger has a hairy or furry quality which differentiates it from the standard fare.
I just ganked a wooger out of grandma's nose.
by Retarded Man Flower March 09, 2004
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half wolf, half cougar, an animal that lives in the hills of kentucky, found mostly near creeks, was bread to eat small children as they were sitting around the camp fire.
I was sitting around the camp fire when the wooger came and ate charlie.
by biggamehunter May 02, 2009
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"Wooger" is a common typographical error when trying to type the word "Woofer". A woofer is an audio device in a loudspeaker cabinet used to produce lower frequency sounds such as bass notes.
The speakers I just bought sounded pretty good, but one of the woogers needs new foam.
by kcollins4 October 28, 2010
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A creature that possesses superior intellect to a great majority of teenage humans, but appears to lack some of the common sense and social skills that many teenage humans have.
Kid One says something stupid that had big words thrown in

Kid Two - "Just STFU Woogers"
by Mr_Razzle August 22, 2008
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