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Hang brain is not the act of placing your scrotum on someone or something as noted in the other definitions. That would be "tea baggin." Hang brain is just the act of hanging your scrotum (testicles and all) out of the zipper of your pants.
The doctor wanted to see check my scrotum for unusual lacerations, so he asked me to hang brain.
by AT February 4, 2004
just along the lines of DEAF, BLIND, MUTE....shmert
by AT August 6, 2003
1. "Im gonna dnace the night away!"
2. "Get new DNAce in a can!!"
by AT December 1, 2004
Another colorful slang term for penis
Shut your face, or I'm going to kick you square in the DINK
by AT August 4, 2003
To attack an living entity using only strands of Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid, removing vital chromosomes. When effective it renders its opponent disabled with Down Syndrome.
"OMG! he Dnaced him!!"
"Don't be so quick to, walk away, ill dnace your face"
by AT November 30, 2004