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when your ass sticks out so much, you can eat your dinner off of it
"DAMMMMNNNNNNNNN look at that ghetto booty"
by Amy January 18, 2004
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A favored game of those of the Jewish faith, Jewography was born due to the phenomenon that most Jews can get connected in less than six degrees. Though it is usually played at USY conventions/summer programs, it is possible to play it wherever a group of geographically diverse Jews is gathered to eat and schmooze.
Oy…I thought the CJB with the Jewfro was hook up territory until we started playing Jewography. Turns out that he’s my cousin on my dad’s side.

Jew 1: So, you’re from Virginia…Do you know David Goldberg? Jew 2: Of course! He dated my sister’s best friend at Ramah, staffed my brother’s USY on Wheels bus, and is my rabbi’s third cousin twice removed.
by Amy February 27, 2005
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people who live in trailers AND are trashy...alcohol...wife beaters....
"Dude, dont date Becky, she's trailer-trash!"
by Amy December 15, 2004
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a guy who drives a truck, has a mullet, has a 'no fear' sticker, and feels strongly about whether he drives a ford or a chevy. oh...and they sure say "F**K", and "DUDE" alot...thus the name, "F-Dude"
"Did you see Tammy? Like, I can't believe she is dating that F-Dude!"
by Amy December 15, 2004
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A person who lives in an house
You gorger better watch your back
by Amy October 27, 2003
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The jackass that wants to get in your pants, or anyone else's, at a function. He is usually disgustingly drunk, and may spill a beer or two on you. He is the guy, that if he does get laid, the girl would never admit it. Bottom line, he is gross.
You: I can't believe you slept with that heinous blow pig.

Friend: I did not!
by Amy June 14, 2006
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A Knife + A Spoon = Knifoon

It scoops like a spoon but cutss like a knife. Be careful with soup as cuts on the mouth may occur.
An example is completely unneccessary.
by Amy January 21, 2004
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