The time when you wonder if you should go to bed or just stay awake since the night is already over and sleeping would mean that you won't wake up until 2pm.
It's 6 am and there's 1 hour until I have to go to school... Should I sleep to get a little more energy but risk not being able to wake up or just stay awake?
by mirandu May 13, 2020
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the thing that saves your life in the help wanted VR game or normal fnaf

lol take that Freddy and friends

I'm good

Freddy and friends: good job good job
fnaf 6:AM is our savior
by Xman 723 bonnie lover November 5, 2020
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A reference to The Game. "The 6 AM Elevated Train", where "6 AM E" seemingly spells out "GAME" when handwritten.
-I took the 6 AM Elevated Train to London.
-$^@# you, man!
by Adam J... March 23, 2008
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the earliest time any human should reasonably be expected to wake up. any earlier should be considered unnatural and should only be attempted if there is sufficient reward
"when i had to get up before 6:00 am for work i could feel my soul slowly being eroded away until i became a mindless drone"
by D-Bizz November 30, 2006
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The perfect time for cross country runners to go running in the fall/late summer. Especially good time if there is a light drizzle or a warm breeze. If the weather is especially warm, some may want to start at 5:00 am.
We had cross country practice at 6:00 am this morning.

I love waking up early to go running at 6:00 am!
by shapplemapple November 13, 2006
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