179 definition by AMY

My kinfolk are gettin together this weekend.
by amy October 20, 2003

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Very. Used alot in Scotland....and in one example I can think of in my dialect of American English: dead tired.
Tha' was dead brilliant!
by Amy January 17, 2004

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Girls that show their tits/snatch on cam, dates every guy online. They'd do anything on cam for names. They will hop from homie to homie. And people in which feel the need to degrade themselves for absurd reasoning
AKA: Stupid Fucks
Sierra phone boned every guy in Teen Talk:7. She's a Homie Hoppa.
by Amy September 04, 2004

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When a guy has direahha and dumps it on a woman chest, and then titty fucks her.
Aaron Levy gave Mrs.Pafias a Chicage Style Chili Dog.
by Amy February 05, 2005

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so yummy
This is pure yumminess!
by Amy December 18, 2003

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Writing a book to describe something you could describe in a sentance.
Prolix: She felt her heart pounding in great effort from which she could not describe how it was dragging along without harmony. It was as if the world had turned the tide and suddenly, it began to expand and burst out of her chest with a immeasurable amount of pressure.

Without Prolix: Her heart exploded.
by Amy October 07, 2006

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A lesbian who typfies the stereotype to such an extent you can spot her sexuality from a hundred feet away.

Used on the l word
"Now that's what I call a hundred-footer"
by Amy August 25, 2004

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