Something so large that a standard English word cannot accurately communicate the size and scope, therefore the speaker must resort to the use of a combination of several words to describe the object. Used mostly to describe ideas and inanimate objects.
Tony Robbins head and ego is gi-normous.
by Azure February 10, 2005
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Combination of words that is used by hicks to denote something larger than their henhouse.
That thar two-storey building is giiii-normous!
by Amy March 9, 2005
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Something that is gigantically enormous.
That hamburger was gi normous!
by Ptowndizzle March 11, 2009
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adj. Almost un-fathomable in scope and size. Normally reserved for an object or objects that are large enough so as to be described as planetary in size. Larger than gi-normous by a factor of ten.
I hadn't seen her in 15 years. Her face looks good, but her ass is just gi-fucking-normous!
by tagz May 17, 2007
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