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Wei Guang Wang to Lucifer.
Lucifer: Eunich Wedgie come now!
Wedgie: Yes master.
by ABC August 9, 2004
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If a nigga try to jack, I got my tool on me

Keep ya hand on ya grip, dont threaten me with ya tool like you a mechanic with clips - Chamillionaire
by ABC August 29, 2005
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you're all wrong...90% of ridgewood is snobby and that's what makes it AMAZING. it's like growing up in a bubble, and most people don't leave the area, that's why sooo many kids have parents that went to ridgewood too. it has the best education and sports out of any public schools anywhere. everyone has awesome clothes and frowns upon freaky punks and whatnot. like 80% of the population is irish-italian, with the exception of a few JAPS and asians who all live in the apartments and rip off our parents' tax money. best town to grow up in. ever. ever. the guys are all ridiculously hot and the girls are all classy gorgeous. the only thing wrong with the town is the annoying moms that walk around with vera bradley bags and gossip inside the lilly pulitzer like nobody's business. everyone here plays lacrosse (there is an official lax day)and shops at ralph lauren. great place. lots of pot.
kid from glen rock: man i wish i grew up in ridgewood, that place is like heaven
by ABC March 25, 2005
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Left his soldiers to fight the war that he started, while fleeing the country with millions of dollars.
by ABC March 21, 2004
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An algebra II teacher who goes home everyday alone.
Miss McElwan practiced matrices at home while watching tv and cooking herself a little meal.
by ABC November 20, 2003
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japneese salad referred to in "South Park" as a swear word. Most likely doesn't exist
Mmmmm, I could go for a bowl of microb.
by ABC October 19, 2004
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Minh Ha beo,nhieu chuyen,but anyway de thuong
Ban nhieu chuyen nhu Minh Ha
by ABC September 4, 2004
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