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plural form of anus
Congress is full of ani.
by A.Nuss February 14, 2012
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a much larger than normal bowel movement
Man, I must have lost 10 pounds after that bowlbuster!
by A.Nuss November 16, 2011
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Take off you drawers
and drop to your knees
gonna pull out my dick
and fill you with cheese
by A.Nuss December 04, 2010
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a prostitute
In Atlantic City,one hits the casinos, has a few drinks and

then finds a hot cockjockey to round out the night.
by A.Nuss February 11, 2012
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Title honoring one who is notorious for very pugent flatulence.
Wow,boss,after that fart I declare you Chief Brown Cloud!
by A.Nuss February 11, 2012
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