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An abundance of clothes pins on an empty clothes line, resembling birds on a power line.
Hand me one of those wooden birds so I can close up that bag of chips.
by A WHITE GUY July 26, 2017

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Any man caught reading any of the magazines listed below will be considered a homo.

Better homes and garden
People magazine
Entertainment Weekly
or any gay porn mag.
I'm living in my car because the other day I came came home from work early and caught my roommate on my couch putting a buttplug in his ass while he was pounding off to a fagazine, and there was dookie and jizz everywhere. I'm never going back there again.
by A WHITE GUY April 26, 2014

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Roadkill that has been run over so many times that it’s just a scattered pile of blood and guts that’s almost completely flat, resembling a pizza.
To eat the redneck pizza, just slap it on the engine block of yer truck until it congeals, cut it into 8 slices with yer buck knife, take a big ol’ hit off yer meth pipe, then enjoy with yer friends Bubba and Jim-Bob. Best served with pabst blue ribbon or some other piss beer.
by A WHITE GUY December 25, 2018

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The little pocket located at your chest area, which can be found on many kinds of shirts, and many different jackets. Much safer for your items than pants pockets.

This word can also be used when you're in line at the Walmart and you get stuck behind that fat nasty skank with 4 unruly kids and a cart full of generic poptarts, ramen, and frozen pizzas. She's either wearing dirty pjs, or baggy sweatpants that have "Juicy" printed on the back. She then pays with money that she had stored in her bra, between her nasty, sweaty, saggy cow tits.
I got some joints stored in my titty pocket, let's get stoned and go for a hike in the woods.

I was at Wallyworld yesterday, and I got stuck behind some gross fat skank and her little brats who look like they all have different fathers. She paid for her junk food with cash that she had stored in her titty pocket. The cashier reluctantly reached for the sweaty money, and immediately bathed herself in purell after she finished checking out.
by A WHITE GUY November 18, 2017

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Not to be confused with white trash and hillbillies.
enjoy hunting, fishing, camping and other recreation.
are hard working people who do the jobs nobody wants to do.
do not have sex with blood relatives. -hillbillies.
do not all live in trailers or shacks.
do not decorate our front lawns with garbage and broken toilets -white trash.
are racist against douche bags who look down at us because we wear hunting clothes as casual clothing, and proudly drive our gas guzzling american cars.
are not to be fucked with.
enjoy drinking beer, not that pussy ass light beer shit that is just piss water. Only fags and women drink it!
hate going to mechanics plumbers electricians and contractors, since we know how to do that stuff ourselves for half the price.
hate new technology such as smart phones and ipads. Only fags buy it to attract other fags and act smug about it.
throw mc donalds shakes at the front windshields of retards who text and drive.
don't all drive our old pick up trucks and pre 1990's era american cars because we can't afford new ones. Most of us still drive them because we actually know how to fix them and don't want to spend over $40,000 on a new piece of shit that's mostly made of plastic and beer can material which was probably shipped here from japan, china, and mexico to be assembled here so they can rust away and fall apart in 3 years. So shut the fuck up with your 5 star crash test rating and "sleek styling.
dick: "Why don't you go home and have sex with your grandmasistermothercousinaunt you stupid redneck."
redneck: "Fuck you, those are hillbillies you jackass."
dick: ":8"

faggot: "Why are you still driving that old tank? Are you poor or something?"
redneck: "No."
faggot: "You should buy a toyota prius. It is eco friendly and made in america."
redneck: "That car is a total gay magnet, and there is ABSOLUTELY nothing american about that piece of shit. It's shaped like it could be some sort of anal sex toy and if you bring that thing on my property again, I will squash it like a bug with my 78 chevy. You will catch me with a dick in my mouth before you catch me driving that. REDNECK 4 LIFE!
by A WHITE GUY August 20, 2013

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A woman who only dates the biggest piece of shit bums from the shittiest possible neighborhoods with the most possible baby mommas and longest possible criminal record, typically letting him sponge off her while he openly sells nickel bags of the poorest quality drugs out of her home.

Or it’s a guy who’s a hopeless romantic and tries turning a hoodrat into a housewife, and is completely oblivious to her whorish behavior when he isn’t around.
The thing that both types of ghettophiles have in common, they’re just being used by the other for the sexual and/or financial gain. And when the ghettophile has nothing left to give them, they’re gone faster than a plate of bacon in front of a starving cannibalistic pig.
by A WHITE GUY January 17, 2019

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Someone who discriminates solely based on the decisions of an individual made in life. Factors such as race, height, weight, sex, and nationality do not come into play. However a decisionist may discriminate due to appearance if that individuals appearance is commonly associated with a group that the decisionist does not like the decisions of.
A decisionist is someone that doesn't like gangsters or the white guys that try to be gangster can discriminate against both of them equally, thus their actions are not racially motivated and the race card can't be pulled
by A White Guy December 01, 2007

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