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A fanbase that is so old that they pass it onto their children.
Pokemon's been around so long that it's getting a fambase.
by 8res March 18, 2016
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The short time between the day after Christmas to the day after New Year's Day that many n00bs and newbs join video game communities because of such new players getting christmas gifts. As such, there is a lot of free kills for the experienced players during these times. Such is called the Annual Noob Harvest.
Player 1: Ey, it's Noob Harvest time! Time to Rek-...
10 other Newbs/Noobs: Uuuuh hi, I'm kinda new here...
Player 1: Oh no...
by 8res December 29, 2016
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Short for "Bad Manners". Normally consists of taunting in a video game.
"lol, that Genji's showing some mad BMs in that gif"
by 8res July 16, 2016
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Refers to the series of Touhou plush dolls made by GIFT, a Japanese merchandise company. Fumos are known for their presence on the 4chan /jp/ imageboard and in Awesome Games Done Quick. The best way to tell if it's a Fumo is by the design of the eyes.
I wish my favorite Touhou character had a Fumo (version of themselves)...
by 8res February 19, 2019
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An Adblocker. Usually referred to when a site has malicious advertisements, as if to protect from Digital STDs.
"Check out this kinky-as-fuck porn site, though!"
"Dude, that site has a bunch of bad advertisements on there."
"Good thing I wear my digital condom, then."
by 8res August 20, 2018
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The home of a Wizard, usually an underground basement, and usually of his mother's home. Incredibly dirty/smelly/both.
Con-goer 1: Wait, where's Con-goer 3?
Con-goer 2: Doesn't matter, he has a wizard den, I bet he's stuck cleaning that shit up.
by 8res April 25, 2016
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1. Getting hit in the testicles by a baseball, typically as the batter during a baseball game.
2. The walk after such a play, if a walk occurred.
1. Johnny had a bad throw and gave Tom a two-ball walk.
2. Dominic took a two-ball walk on the third inning today. He said he's fine, though.
by 8res September 20, 2017
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