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A homeless person's blanket.
Tyrone prefers the LA Times newspaper to the Daily News newspaper to keep himself warm at night.
by 47 August 16, 2006
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A teen-aged drug dealer
After I robbed that juggler, I felt kinda guilty because he was so young.
by 47 August 26, 2007
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I Would Hit It

Usually used in forums, when looking at pictures of other people
*Sees a picture of a woman*

by 47 February 27, 2005
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The act of having sex with a woman without any foreplay or lubrication, keeping her vagina dry at the beginning of sex.
Man, I rubbed my dick raw dry cocking that chick last night.
by 47 May 01, 2006
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The sexual act of inserting ones fist into a woman's vagina and the other fist into her anus and then knocking your knuckles against each other through her flesh
-Dude, I was knocking fists on this chick last night...
-Oh man, did you stretch her out good?
-Hells yeah!
by 47 March 31, 2006
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Short for subsie
subz sobs when he gets his candy stoled from him by 47
by 47 October 17, 2003
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Short for subsie
Subsie likes to go under the sudsie water when i take a bath.
by 47 April 02, 2003
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