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Anorexia radar. This is what one person experiences when he or she believes one of his or her friends is or is becoming anorexic.
"Have you seen Paul lately? He's a blip on my anoradar. I never see him eat anything."
by 3Dradio October 24, 2008
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To harbor more than an average or normal fondness of or for something. A way to say you really like something.
I got mad love for the mexican food, yo. -or-
I have mad love for Robot Chicken! -or-
I have nothing but mad love for you, bro, but you gotta lay off the sauce...
by 3Dradio May 19, 2006
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1.) An exclamation bound to get attention, no matter what the surrounding situation due to its many syllables, and the fact that it ends with "yo".
2.) A way to say whoah, crap, holy crap, shit, fuck, damn, etc. without being offensive, but well expressed in its own right.
1.) ::guy walks in door:: "Judas Freaking A Priest, Yo!"
Other guy: What's wrong?
Guy: I just got off the phone with my mom. Dad's in jail again.

2.) ::the back of some guy's house falls off::
Some Guy: Judas Freaking A Priest, Yo!
by 3Dradio May 18, 2006
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A state of mind in which confusion results from a preoccupation of said mind, such as resulting from an infatuation with a current or potential-future significant other.
This week has been a blur. Ever since I met that girl, I've been completely mindspun.
by 3Dradio May 3, 2009
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Same as bitch but is the epitome of the word. A contestible female who is self absorbed, materialistic, and often conniving.
Person 1: I won't even deal with (lisa), she'll screw you in a second, and won't think twice.
Person 2: Sounds pretty bad.
Person 1: Oh, yeah. She's the megabitch.
by 3Dradio May 18, 2006
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When something rocks (AKA rawks) or is cool, it can be said that said something possesses "rawkage".
darB: Man, that new car of ttaM's is awesome.
derF: It's a definite ping on the rawkage meter.

by 3Dradio June 20, 2007
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1.) A homosexual male from central Oklahoma, characterized by its red dirt.
2.)can be used as an insult when used correctly, and is often comedic using its alliteration as a tool.
Person 1: ...duh...yo mama...
Person 2: Okay, you talk WAAAY too much smack for someone who never says anything, you freaking red dirt rump ranger!
by 3Dradio May 17, 2006
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