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An expression of exasperation when someone should have heard of something already based on its wild popularity. Having this phrase used on you implies that you should use an internet search engine to look it up to save yourself from further embarrassment.
I have a question. - person 1


What? No, why would I want a cheeseburger, that makes no sense? - person 1

Omgoogle... - person 2

Oh...guess I should google it. - person 2
by 3Dradio October 30, 2010
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The advice of someone with a high level of technical knowledge, or Technical Expertise. See Also: techspert
Thanks for your techspertise. I didn't know building your own computer could be so easy.
by 3Dradio February 7, 2009
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1.) A date where one may acquire a coyote arm.
2.) Usually follows a state of inebriation wherein one person finds him/herself waking up next to someone that he/she would rather chew off his/her own arm than risk removing it and waking the fugly person.
3.) A person one would only go out with drunk, and result in a coyote arm the next day.
1.) Person 1: Whoah! What happened to your arm?
Person 2: "I went to the bar last night, and ended up on a coyote date."
2.) Person 1: What happened to you last night?
Person 2: I don't know. I went out, had a few drinks...the last thing I remembered was ording 3 more shots of tequila. Then this morning I woke up next to this fugly creature...I wanted to chew my arm off and not risk waking it up.
Person 1: Ah...you had a coyote date.
3.) Person 1: If you have any more drinks, man, I'm gonna hook you up with that coyote date over there.
Person 2: ...
by 3Dradio May 20, 2006
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Getting off on or aroused by audio equipment.
I saw that massive stack and had an audiorgy.
by 3Dradio May 30, 2009
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Any supplements or medications usually in pill form which give a boost of energy to the user. Not to be confused with illegal stimulant drugs such as cocaine or methamphetamines, these substances are usually made up in whole or part of caffeine and other stimulants. Often may be herbal in nature.
"Hey, I'm dragging ass today. Do you have any twackies?"
by 3Dradio September 8, 2014
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A person overly fond of or as the word junkie would denote addicted to the nub (see also knob, cock, penis, wanker, etc).
Used as a negativism or insult either in anger or in jest.
Person 1: Person 3 is such a nub junkie.
Person 2: Yeah, a total bob-knobber.
Person 3: I heard that!

Person 1: Hey, gimme a dollar, I want to get me a coke.
Person 2: What? Do I look like your sugar daddy, you freaking nub junkie?
by 3Dradio May 21, 2006
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1.) When something is of or has the characteristics of a situation wherein a person might be caused to use the word "damn".

2.) Exactly like 'damn' and can be used accordingly.
darB: I was double-charged for a tank of gas, and my bank denied my dispute.

derF: Damnage. I'd be pissed.

darB: Apparently the email I wrote when I got the letter was pretty good, though. I ended up getting a phone call from someone in executive escalations. They fixed it, but I'm still changing banks. You don't mess with my money.
by 3Dradio October 20, 2007
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