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Stands for, "We Only Live Once." It's a phrase used to remind a friend or passerby that their choice NOT to do something awesome is a bad one. It can also be used to remind a friend or passerby that their choice TO do something is a good one.
Mikey: "Dude, I just don't think I can make it to the Playboy Mansion Party with you. My girlfriend will kill me."
Nick: "Why not man? WOLO (Wo-Lo)!"
Mikey: "Excellent point. I'll go!
Mikey: "I am so pumped we're going bungy jumping today. This is crazy!"
Nick: "Well... WO-LO"
by 2Dice February 04, 2010

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adj. Stands for "Tight Tight Real Tight." This is another way of describing what someone did as really awesome. It's considered the less intense version of its counterpart phrase, sicky sicky nar nar. TTRT can be used in text messaging as a simple way of reminding the recipient of the text, that what they just told you is truly worthy of a high five.
Guy 1: "I just got promoted today at work and my new boss... she's a 10."

Guy 2: "TTRT"

Guy 1: "What does that mean?"

Guy 2: "Tight Tight Real Tight"

Guy 1: "That is an amazing way of putting it."
by 2Dice February 04, 2010

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n. Simply put, a Sweet Dude. One who embodies all that is sweet while at the same time being a dude. This word can be used in both an uplifting manner as well as a derogatory one.(see examples below).
(uplifting version)
Guy 1: "Today I was at the mall and saw Julee. She thanked me for hours of wild sex on Friday night."

Guy 2: "You're such a Swude."

(derogatory version)
Guy 1: "Last night Mike puked all over the girl I was dancing with at the club."
Guy 2: "Mike's a real Swude."
by 2Dice February 04, 2010

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adj. A phrase used to describe something that is so uniquely and completely amazing that by simply mentioning this phrase, others should stop in their tracks to take notice of the situation unfolding around them. Generally you would use this phrase to describe something a swude did or said.
Guy 1: "Last night at the party my girlfriend's sister asked me to have a threesome with she and her hot friend. I did."

Guy 2: "That's sicky sicky nar nar.
by 2Dice February 04, 2010

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v. to fakeout a friend by looking just past them and pretending to see someone you know by looking excited and waving your hand like you're trying to get their attention.
Guy 1: (looking just past the shoulder of the victim) "Mikey, what's up man? How are you?"

Guy 2: (turns around to look at who Guy 1 is talking to)

Guy 1: "Squib! Gotcha bro!"

Guy 2: "Man I feel like such an idiot."
Guy 1: "You ARE an idiot."
by 2Dice February 05, 2010

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