10 definitions by 23rd Chromosome

The ability for a really poor employee to keep theirjob by performing oral sex on their boss at regular intervals.
Melissa is always late, her works sucks, she's dumber than shit and the other workers find her annoying as hell. But, she has been able to keep her job by performing a lot of employment fellatio.
by 23rd Chromosome October 6, 2015
A pompous douche bag who spouts off a few words in a foreign language during the course of a conversation and then acts as if all those involved in the conversation should bow down to him or her as if they have just cracked the mysteries of the universe or some shit.
Congratulations Wes. You've learned how to say "Thank you kind sir" in mandarin Chinese. That's fabulous. I bet your parents are so proud of you. You underachieving, narcissistic, low IQ having fuck wad. Way to be a foreign language tool.
by 23rd Chromosome October 26, 2015
A woman who can't keep her hands off of any man in her presence.
Melisa is you typical ho paws. Th bitch has her hands on every swinging dick in the room.
by 23rd Chromosome December 28, 2016
An alternative way of saying asshole. Typically this term is used to describe an individual who may very well be an asshole, but at the same time they are not worthy of your top shelf profanity.
Brian is just a useless turd squeezer. Not an asshole, because asshole would insinuate that , while having a shitty attitude, he actually tries to be a productive member of society.
by 23rd Chromosome December 28, 2016
The act of masturbating yourself to the point of full erection and then wrapping the base of the penis tightly with string, rubber band, zip tie, speaker wire, etc. so that you can constantly maintain said erection and will always be ready should an opportunity for sex present itself.
Erectile dysfunction is common among liberals. Therefore, lock n' load is a standard operating procedure for them.
by 23rd Chromosome October 6, 2015
A narcissistic individual who thinks they should have the same respect and authority as a police officer because they have a friend or relative who is a cop.
That mouthy idiot Brian thinks just because his brother is the po-po that he also has authority. Typical pig by proxy.
by 23rd Chromosome September 14, 2015
Pussy that hasn't had any attention in so long that it has become dry and began to oxidize.
Kelly ain't a bad girl. She's just got rusty poon. If she took care of her shit, maybe she might land a guy.
by 23rd Chromosome December 28, 2016