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coolest man alive! everyone wishes to be macleefees. macleefees johnson will rule the world he is so much better than you.
random girl: bro the coolest person i’ve ever seen just walked past me
me: it twas macleefees
by 19328382838 July 30, 2022
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i like your garage, it smells good.” - girl 1
“yeah it’s smellidiliosis”
by 19328382838 July 5, 2020
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the most perfect person on the planet everybody wants to be tylerhoesy they have the best tiktoks ever and they are my favorite person ever i love you tylerhoesy i am your biggest fan mama
girl 1- who’s that sexy mf walking by?
me- are you kidding? that’s tylerhoesy!
by 19328382838 August 4, 2021
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when someone is being dumb, a bum, and a chicken.
girl 1: “why is she doing that? “
girl 2: “idk she is being a dumb bum chicken
by 19328382838 July 8, 2020
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when something goes unexpectedly or gets out of control.
girl 1: “woah we just flew off the sled.”
girl 2: “ahh that was catywampus!”
by 19328382838 November 6, 2020
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