5 definitions by 123890567

mixing everything in your parents liquor cabinet into a water bottle in order to steal alcohol without being noticed. usually tastes like hand sanitizer and sheet metal.
yo, you wanna drink some jungle juice?

bet, im boutta get lit
by 123890567 December 1, 2021
Dude i’ve been coughing a lot, i think i have the ronies
by 123890567 September 28, 2020
A fat version of buggs bunny widely used over forms of social media
by 123890567 January 7, 2019
Someone who drinks monster energy, wears muscle shirts and flat caps and punches holes in his drywall while listening to heavy metal.
“Hey, did you see that kyle at the party?”
by 123890567 June 25, 2019
when you strap a doobie to your penis and have sex with a girl while praying to allah
i had such good allah doobie sex with stacy last night, it was epic
by 123890567 September 9, 2020