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The modern mis-spelling of definitely seen in almost every modern example where a spell checker was not deployed, most commonly in internet chat, probably from its mis-pronunciation by modern youth and/or being confused with unfortunately.
Yeh, man! Definately!!
by ..WiL May 15, 2005

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The act of clinging to a toilet basin throwing up violently after a heavy night of binge drinking.

So named after the fashion of sticking your head into the bowl and shouting the name of our Lord between spasms.
by ..WiL May 22, 2005

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Any "common" homosexual practise that only exists in the minds of straight people for their own amusement.

Such as storing used condoms in the fridge to drink later, 'being the wife', biting the pillow, using vaseline, drinkin cum out of an arse with a golden straw, or, indeed, the apocryphyl inserting a live gerbil up the anus using an empty toilet tube.
Straight man to gay man: 'So what the fuck is this felching thing anyway?'
Gay man: 'I dunno mate, you tell me, as far as Im aware its just another ass-gerbil.'
by ..WiL May 15, 2005

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The verbal diarrhoea and bizarre speech strong drugs (not necessarily Heroin) cause in bag heads and Chavs.

They slur, stammer, and speak from the back of the throat in a strange, zombie like, and above all LOUD voice, with entirely random emphasis, and a truly stunnin use of the word FUCK in all its forms, used where there should have been a pause. All apparently with absolutely NO self awareness AT ALL!

See Bez from The Happy Mondays for an excellent example!
Man, Im fuckin WELL in fuckin NEED man, fuck, you know what I fuckin MEAN man, lets DO this fuckin place man, come on, fuck it, I dont fuckin give a SHIT me man, you know what I fuckin MEAN man? FUCK! U got any spare CHANGE man? HEY!! FUCK you man FUCK you!! etc etc etc ad nauseum
by ..WiL May 19, 2005

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Any TV program that, like a recent car crash in the street, you know you shouldn't watch, you know you'll regret looking, but you just can't help yourself!
"The auditions section on that 'search for a star' reality TV show are proper Car Crash TV, aren't they?" Eurovision, Big Brother, Punk'd, any and all painfully uncomfortable reality shows.
by ..wil May 17, 2006

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The male internal orgasm, generated by stimulation of the prostate, the male g spot, via rythymic insertion of something into the anus, sometimes with the more conventional orgasm thrown in for good measure.

Obviously well known to most of the gay male community but available to all!
'YEAH!!' cried Brad as again he felt the tell-tale tremors of an arse orgasm forming in his gut!
by ..WiL May 18, 2005

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A way of gettin away with calling someone a bastard in polite company, like in front of your Mum.
He's a complete Bar Steward!
by ..WiL May 23, 2005

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