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When a man and woman are naked, they are both standing up, the woman has her thighs together, and the guy fucks the gap at the top of her thighs just below her snizz. It works facing each other, or the guy behind.
My girl was on the rag, so I gap fucked her last night.
by -hef- September 16, 2009

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A girl who goes to the store to shop for the perfect size bottle to masterbate with.
My girlfriend is a bottle shopper. She spent 30 minutes in the shampoo aisle looking for a bottle 3 inches wide and 10 inches long to fuck.
by -HEF- September 03, 2009

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"Hand in Pants." Used by strippers, and customers of lap dances to ask for some special treatment in the back room, i.e. a hand job.
When I went into the back room with the stripper for a lap dance, I asked her if she was down with some H.I.P.
by -HEF- May 06, 2007

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When a woman has a c-section, she is left with a scargunt.
In order to keep her gash tight, she had a c-section, but now she has a scargunt. Why I gotta see the scargunt on the beach?
by -HEF- September 07, 2008

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Getting blown while playing a video game. Pronunciation - guh-may'-shee-oh.
See if you can finish an entire stage on Dirt 2 without crashing while getting a gamatio.
by -HEF- September 20, 2009

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1. what you call someone that is too young to understand something.
2. what you call someone younger than you.
I can't believe the shit music that these diaper dicks are listening to these days.
by -hef- September 16, 2009

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Anything used to mask or hide the existence of your gut.
I was sitting on the couch and used a pillow as a gut cover.

I untuck my shirt in the front so as to make people think it's just an untucked shirt and not all gut.

I wear a t-shirt in the pool as a gut cover.

Women are lucky because if they have large boobs, it pulls the shirt out beyond their gut, doing 2 things: 1) providing an effective gut cover and 2) providing a distraction to pull the eyes away from the gut cover to stare at the ample tittlery.

Sweaters that are ribbed at the waist provide an excellent gut cover.

All overweight male porn stars should quit. However, if they must work in porn, please always make them wear a t-shirt as a gut cover.

Women in porn who wear a garter belt as a gu(n)t cover... it doesn't work, we can still see that In-N-Out buger on your gunt. Especially with the arrival of HD porn.

Folding your arms over your belly while you are sitting down makes a terrible gut cover. Stop doing that.
by -HEF- September 20, 2009

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