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(1) Someone who is very cheap but when traveling on business they spend the company's money extravagantly.

(2) Any traveling salesman type in a cheap suit who says "I'll have another double Remy Louis Treehze" at a Marriott Bar.
Chris ran up more than 2,500$ of mini-bar expenses this quarter. Someone oughtta have a talk with that expense account diva.
by -g. September 9, 2003
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To say the word "bitch" to anyone while turning your head away from them.
Aravopoulos fadeawaybitched Mitchell after the later cancelled the plans.
by -g. August 6, 2003
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To have passed from one place to another.
(A K. Hubbell ism)
by -g. August 21, 2003
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To be completed. To have finished.
(A K Hubbell ism)
1. I am so d1 with you.

2. Dude, Tom showed up at the meeting and dropped his pants. Dude is d1.
by -g. August 21, 2003
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(adj) 1. Referring to anything passé.
2. Demonstrating disregard for homeland security.
1. Ally’s mum had her colours done. That shit is so September-Tenth.
2. Feeling the urge to purge? Bulimia is so September-Tenth.
3. Can you believe they didn’t search my bags in Newark? That is so September-Tenth.
by -g. September 28, 2003
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Bad Drunk. To consume alcohol too quickly or without eating and then to make an ass of one's self
Scott was so brunk off the Chimay that he insisted in buying the “round a bar”, Marcus just threw his ass out on the street.
by -g. September 3, 2003
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adj: (informal) indicating a dissatisfactory condition.
Don't bother me, Scott and I went on a bender last night and I am feeling nokay.
by -g. August 9, 2003
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