An act that occurs just before romance, when a gentlemen has gone to the home of a lady. Whilst the female partner is away slipping into something more comfortable, the gentlemen turns down the covers of her bed, and defecates on the sheet. He then makes the bed back up and makes his exit. The lady, a bit upset and wondering why this man left, slips into bed to find a surprise.
I went home with her and pulled of the traveling salesman.
by B Gunn April 13, 2005
After a guy hooks up in a strange town while away on business, he addresses the awkwardness of saying goodbye by instead slapping his host in the face with his dick. I mean, he might as well right?
Ralph met Debbie at the exit 72 Chili's last night. After a couple hours of swap meat action, he gave her a Traveling Salesman on the way out the door.
Getting a hand job while you're walking, usually in a public place. Masturbation doesn't count, ever. If you're jogging it has to be a blow job, otherwise you're not really trying.
Yesterday I was walking to Nordstroms, I saw Joel on the way. We gave each other a traveling salesman. Then we turned it up a notch; the running rebel. It was so awesome.
by DJ Beat Nutz April 26, 2009
When you are far from your home and a man date-rapes your woman (who lives at your home) while she is at home through shiny consumer goods.
So I came home from New York and Claire told me that she was struck by a Travelling Vacuum salesman. After reprimanding her I tracked the man down and destroyed him.
by Captain Ben7 April 22, 2011
To sell Chocolate, door to door to become rich enough, to take out a mom and her daughter on a date to Fancy restaurant under the sea in the Bikini Bottom.
Used in Sentence.

SpongeBob: Quick Patrick, without thinking, if you could have anything in the world right now, what would it be?

Patrick: Uhh...more time for thinking.

Sponge Bob: No, something real, an item, something you would pay for. Patrick: A chocolate bar?

Sponge Bob: That’s a great idea, Patrick! We’ll be TRAVELING CHOCOLATE-BARS SALESMAN.
by HeroicYoungLad October 5, 2017