n. To be large and muscular and/or jacked due to working out a lot.

Hella Brunk: Very jacked.

Pinner: Opposite of brunk.

v. To brunk: The physical act of working out and lifting weights to become brunk.

by stifmeister October 28, 2007
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becoming inebriated during brunch usually off of unlimited mimosas.
Shannon couldn't make it to afternoon mass because she got brunk at that nice french place on Solano blvd.
by Juan Thecomedian September 28, 2010
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1. someone that everyone does not like.
2. someone that thinks everyone likes them.
3. a person that thinks they are better than everyone at something.
4. someone who sucks up to high school coaches.
5. makes excuses for why something doesn't happen that is better for him.
6. someone that owns a varsity jacket when they are NOT on any varsity teams.
Did you see that brunk walk by?

1 Who is that?
2 Don't worry, just another brunk.
by uratool January 14, 2009
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BRUNK (adj.) Broke and Drunk. Something that typically occurs around last call when you're drunk and too broke to buy another drink.. Probably because your drunk ass lost your cash/credit card.
I want another Jameson and Ginger Ale but I'm too Brunk, maybe I should just go home!
by Ashley Ruusu December 31, 2010
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