14 definitions by -cM

A Plumper Humper is someone who like's humping a fat person (male or female)
Jon is a total plumper humper and he is super proud of it.


Jane is a bit of a plumper humper but it makes her feel good giving like that.
by -cM June 18, 2007
A Pussy Chewer is a person who fully enjoys pussy and does not just lick it but also likes to sneak a chew in. (lighty of course)
I am a total pussy chewer and I am proud to say so.
by -cM June 18, 2007
A Carpeteer is a girl or woman who eats at anothers sushi bar AKA (vagina or pussy)

Note: a bit of a classy lady
by -cM June 18, 2007
Hall of Fame, walk of Shame.

When a girl (woman) is leaving the place she had sex at last night (usually with some random guy).

Her hair is all messed up, lipstick very smeared. She is holding her hand towards her back side to ensure her dress stays down, and you can tell she has no undies on usually. The neighbors know the walk and the random dude watchs out the window with a giggles to himself or a roomate, cuz he too knows THAT walk!!
"Oh my god look out the window at the flavor of the day leaving Craigs house, doing the Hall of Fame, walk of Shame."
by -cM January 17, 2009
Someone who is or trys to be slick like a salesman (car or other) tries to basically pull the whool over others eye's Act's sort of too cool for school.
We went to Yuba City to play PS2 and low and behold there was Mikey acting all "White Shoes" on us.
by -cM December 14, 2007
Someone who is a bit rough on vagina's when he has sex. (Enjoys rough sex)
Craig was a cat smasher from way back but now takes it easy on his lady.
by -cM June 28, 2008
When a guy is totally scared of talking or doing anything that may actually allow a girl to guy hook up. (And mind you the guy is NOT gay and he totally loves girls
I can't believe Chris did not score, he is such a "Pussy Faggot". Did you see how Jenny was hanging all over him?
by -cM July 11, 2008