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1. A delicious British confectionary comprised of a finger shaped biscuit covered in milk chocolate

2. The surprising and often alarming sexual act whereby a lady of questionable morals inserts her digit(s) into a gentlemans anus as he nears orgasm in an effort to heighten the intensity
1. John: Fucking hell, Dave! Have you eaten all my Cadbury's fingers again, you greedy bastard?
Dave: Yeah, sorry, mate. I was stoned.

2. Lady1: I say, Lady Poncemby-Smythe, your Reginald looks awfully glum today.
Lady2: Yes, Ms. Hartley-Woodford. Not to worry, I shall cheer him up with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a Cadbury's Finger.
Lady1: Oh? I never knew he liked you to stick a finger up his arse as he shoots his load.
by Big L June 10, 2006

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