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A typical Caucasian female that some even have the nerve to depict as a human being. They tend to say words similar to; "like" "umm" "gurl" "sc" "starbucks" "bubble tea" "James" "James Charles" "James Chargles" and other shit. The are always horny for James Charles and can't wait for him to release his sex tape. They typically get boned by big black men, and enter the world of prostitution at age 12.
Girl 1: "Like, umm, this is boring gurls, lets head home and get fucked by some big black faggots."
Girl 2: "Yeah like umm well like yeah my white girl"
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When you have a dick that is big enough to be, but small enough as well, a chode. Basically the perfect chode. Very few people have them, some are xxxtentacion, Micheal Jackson, Enzo Ferrari, Pepe, and, of course, Stan Lee.
"Young flame he a sicko chode"
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