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What thugs say when they are in a close proximity to superior beings (which is most of the time).
YO G...WAZzA...!
by Like ... sam yo June 13, 2003
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"I'll be round for coffee."
"No wazzas. Your coffee machine is set up in the main kitchen."
by jesterdream May 13, 2016
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A religion made in the IRC of Starbound. The leader of such religion is the game dev Rho_. The high priest is Ecstatic-Wired and the vice high priest is Penjuin.

Wazza is also a currency of their religion, and it is not materialistic, as it is a currency of the soul.
Joe: Hey, did you hear about that new religion, wazza?
Bob: Yeah, it's totally awesome!
by Penjuin February 18, 2012
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a doOd that owns a Landscaping business in QLD.....
wazza... aka warren
Brad: hey WAzza howz it hanging??
WaZ: yeh.... did u fuk teegan?
Brad: yea, she was a dud tho :(
by Brad November 29, 2004
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Scouse (Liverpudlian) for 'hand-job'.
Kegsy gave Adam a wazza last night on the couch.
I need a quick wazza.
He's getting a wazza off Kegsy.
by O'sullivan December 21, 2006
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Wazza (Malay): "Wanita Berzakar", A woman with a penis.
You really can't tell when you go to Thailand. Lots of Wazza around.
by CVonMuffin September 16, 2019
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