Brostep is a newer sub-genre of dubstep. It is usually more aggresive and louder than traditional dubstep. Most Americanized dubstep is considered brostep. For example Skrillex is considered brostep. Most dubstep fans hate brostep
Americanized - brostep
UK - Dubstep
by Blair Wagner February 21, 2012
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Brostep is a relatively new sub-genre of music (born out of Dubstep) with an emphasis on a mid-range bass sound with mutating LFO speed.
Dubstep "purists", while not happy, only have themselves to blame as they should have realized that the most accesable elements of any genre will always end up being at the center of a new subgenre.
Unforunately these people do not seem to realize that it would be in traditional dubstep's best interest for there to be as many people making poor facsimiles of the "dubstep" genre as there are the "brostep" genre as it would be an indicator that people are actually still interested in the style to which they dedicate their future hearing loss.
"Wow, this club got a lot more fun when that brostep DJ took over. All the frowning guys in black turltenecks went to go get another mojito and the dance floor got filled with hot girls"
by nichobert May 11, 2010
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A petty excuse to not like dubstep artists such as Rusko, Datsik, Dotor P, and Flux Pavillion. Because they push the envelope.
Hater: Man I just dont like Rusko he's so......Brostep

Actual Dubstep Fan: FUCK. YOU.
by Chris Brockhurst August 16, 2011
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what the hipsters of EDM think that some dubstep should be just because it isnt done to the exact detail of the dubstep standards. this group of idiots think they are better than everyone and they know it all. brostep in reality doesn't exist. sadly these idiots do though
"brostep doesnt follow the tempo of dubstep"
by flaviusisamoron November 7, 2011
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Brostep is a dance step which is a modified version of the Pogo where you jump up and down in place. This dance is commonly found in dub-step venues. The brostep is typically limited to very drunk fraternity boys with no rhythm who jump up and down on the dance floor while fist pumping or flailing their arms. Salient points of the brostep are:
1. You are very drunk or on drugs
2. You have a drink in one hand you spill on everyone around you
3. Your flailing arms knock the drinks out of bystanders hands and spill it all over them
4. You land on bystander's toes

5. Repeat these steps as you push you way onto an already crowded dance floor
6. Dancing in a circle with your other brosteppers is optional.
7. Yell things like "Fuck yeah" "Yeah Bro" "Doood" and "I'm so fucked up"
"Stay away from those brosteppers up by the DJ booth"
by EzraDV August 17, 2011
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A sub-genre of Dubstep. Although it is quite likely it was at one point a real genre, it has had its meaning changed entirely and is used more as an insult within the Dubstep community, or is often used as a word to describe a song which people may not necessarily like. It is usually used among hipsters or fanboys of a certain artist as an insult to every other Dubstep artist.
Skrillex Fan: Why the hell do people listen to Skream? He's just a shitty Brostep artist!
Skream Fan: Why the hell do people listen to Skrillex? He's just a shitty Brostep artist!
Dubstep Fan: Why the hell are these two bitching to eachother? I'm a real Dubstep fan, and personally, I like both Skrillex and Skream!
by MadP!xel April 19, 2013
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Brostep is a relatively new sub-genre of music (born out of Dubstep micro-genre) which has no emphasis on soul.

The goal appears to be to produce music as fast as you possibly can, without placing any emphasis on quality.

Unlike Dubstep where sub bass is key, Brostep places more emphasis on ratty high frequency samples and oscillators that arent even low frequency. Toss in a few hip hop vocal samples and you are well on your way to being the worlds next big Brostep producer.
Brostepper - Man, I cant wait to see Rusko & 6blocc.

Dubstepper - Man, I cant wait to see Mala & Kode 9.
by WaskiWabit April 29, 2010
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