The act of causing the death of another gamer's avatar in a virtual world, often in defiance of the world's normal rules of conduct or in spite of preventative code. Often abbreviated "PK," serving as a verb, a noun, or even an adjective describing certain players or game rule sets.
The phrase most likely arose in the development of early MUDs in the 1980's where game administrators waged a continuous struggle with players bent on defying in-game authorities and their rules, regardless of the repercussions to the games' stability.
"Player killing individuals who lack the means to defend themselves is a rather dishonorable means of showcasing one's gameplaying prowess."
"Player killing is not against the charter on this server." -Anonymous source, Rallos Zek, Everquest Classic
by Pratt October 11, 2005
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Meaning Some One That Has Been Killed Easy. Also Meaning Some 1 That You Have Owned. Mostly Used In DIABLO II.
FAT-JOKER was slain by AeRo-oWs.
AeRo-oWs: Easy Player Kill.
FAT-JOKER has left the game.
by AeRo-oWs January 10, 2006
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