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NOT a synonym for horny.....
Thirsty means desperate for sex
Horny means in the mood for sex
by (****()) August 25, 2022
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When a woman has an orgasm
Why are you looking up clitorial orgasm on here you sick perverted fuck?
by (****()) May 31, 2022
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that guy is a wanker
by (****()) August 21, 2022
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1. To open a cold beer
2. To crack open a cold coffin and fuck the corpse inside
1. It's been such a stressful day I can't wait to get home and crack open a cold one
2. I'm so fuckin horny right now I would even crack open a cold one
by (****()) August 23, 2022
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I was at the park and a bee flew up my pants so I got scared took my pants off but then a kid saw me and I got charged with indecent exposure
by (****()) August 25, 2022
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1. To be honest and direct.
2. To mark a letter indication postage has been paid.
3. A man's penis.
4. Hot dog or sausage
1. Enough with this bullshit, can I be frank with you?
2. The letter has been franked.
3. My frank started throbbing when that hot girl walked by.
4. Let's put the franks on the grill.
by (****()) July 31, 2022
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