10 definitions by MichaeltranUSA

This is too much for us to handle . I think we need the assistance from somebody so you might need to go get an extra pair of hands
by MichaeltranUSA November 30, 2017
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A machine ,especially an automobile that is run-down ,clunky and not reliable. a bucket of bolts
He is still driving the old boltbucket that he drove while he was in school.
by MichaeltranUSA November 27, 2017
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A day-time drama is a sex partner who is not worth the trouble.
In bed, she is a tiger .Out of bed ,she is nothing but a day-time drama.
by MichaeltranUSA December 1, 2017
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used to say that you will not believe something until it happens.
He says he is going to decorate the family room, but I 'll believe it when I see it
by MichaeltranUSA May 31, 2020
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used to describe uninhibited sex with a female . beat up the pussy,
I am about to take shortie home and beat up the coochie tonight
by MichaeltranUSA November 2, 2017
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used to say that you are happy because somebody has to do something hard, boring. another way of saying is
rather you than me .(ban hay hon toi roi,ban gioi hon toi roi.)
A: I am going to paint the ouside of the house this weekend.
B: better you than me - that is a big job.
by MichaeltranUSA November 1, 2017
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to juice the moose is to pass gas,to cut the cheese.
Dude,you better roll down the window because i am about to juice the moose.
by MichaeltranUSA December 1, 2017
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