Jun 17
When one person prematurely trys to open the passenger door on a vehicle while the driver simultaneously trys to unlock the door, causing it to relock and keep the passenger outside.
"Hey man let me in the car already, it's cold out here!"

"I've been trying to, but you've lockblocked me like 5 times in a row now!"
by Stytches June 02, 2005
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Jun 16
a profound state of buffoonery or oafishness characterized by pitiful performance or inability to complete menial tasks; When referring to an object, it indicates a laughable or rough appearance.
"Wow. Look at that guy. He looks like a dumptruck ran over his face. He struggles hard."
by Fine Ass Belle Squeeze April 04, 2004
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Jun 15
1 aka a real job; a job with heath insurance; as opposed to an internship or the wonderful world of retail

2 a primary job; a day job
This isn't just another interview. This is for a job job.

I'm an editor--primarily of technical documentation for my JOB job, but I also dabbling in things like web site authoring on the side.
by mandingoe June 06, 2004
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Jun 14
Screening a phone call. Deliberately not answering a phone call because you dont want to talk to that particular person.
"Rick isn't answering his phone, he's droppin screens"
by A-Town Crew June 02, 2005
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Jun 13
A nickname for a person (usually a girl) who exhibits no class (hence, Summer School).
"LaTiqua stole my boyfriend -- that's like school in summertime."

Or if someone is talking or acting trashy, say "Whatever you say, summer school."
by Caz July 25, 2004
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Jun 12
1. The world outside the Internet.
2. The world outside the education system/academia.
3. The world as experienced by those who are not wealthy and have no friends in high places.
1. Sorry I haven't been in the chatroom lately, the real world got in the way.
2. All those bleedin'-heart intellectuals ain't got no idea 'bout the real world.
3. She has such an easy life. She should try living in the real world sometime.
by informative July 09, 2003
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Jun 11
The successful completion of four years of school, with passing grades. See also edumacate.
"At her high school gradumacation, Ellen whooped and hollered for joy, because she realized the joys that edumacation brings."

"After receiving C's in every high school class, Josiah was finally ready to gradumacate."
by Kim August 08, 2004
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