Dec 28
n. to distill important knowledge about a subject and share it with those new to said subject.

often used in internet forums to criticize new members if they break the forum rules.
New member: hey everybody! a/s/l??
Experienced member: protip: this forum is ALL male.
by Shifty Eyed Goat October 12, 2004
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Dec 25
The use of text messaging to send Christmas greetings.
Bob: Hey Sheri, who is blowing up your phone over there?
Sheri: Everyone sending me Merry Textmas's
by Sheri Poston December 26, 2007
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Dec 24
Mrs. Clause is always worried about christmastoe during her holiday picture opportunities at the mall.
by Stu January 24, 2005
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Dec 23
n. An alternative to the crass commercialization of Christmas, typically celebrated on December 23. It involves The Airing of Grievances (telling your family and friends all the ways they have disappointed you during the year) and does not end until the Feats of Strength (pinning the head of the family) are accomplished. A plain, metal pole is used in lieu of a Christmas tree, because decorations (such as tinsel) is distracting from the true meaning of the holiday.
A Festivus for the rest of us! -George Costanza
by Gibson December 22, 2003
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Dec 22
Trinket, useless sentimental stuff filling up your book cases and counter space, miscellaneous items collected and set out to enhance your decor, stuff you should probably box up or sell in a garage sale, things kids take when their parents pass away because it reminds them of good times past.
Grandma's collection of mini spoons from around the country, mini statues (Lladro), little bowls of stuff for people to look at, figurines, doilies etc.
by tom April 21, 2004
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