Aug 10
A word describing somebody who is uncomfortable being openly amiable and kind, so they give more subtle hints to their goodwill while maintaining a disagreeable exterior. See also.
That man spent the entire meal complaining to me about my service, and then he left me a $5 tip. He's totally aggressive passive.
by m99lc August 08, 2009
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Aug 9
To create a fine meal using random items around the kitchen . This includes never before used spices and the culmination of three different pasta noodles and a can of diced tomates thus creating the pasta stew mess.
Stephanie: "What you cooking there?"
Nadine: "Some randomness with pasta. Kind of like a pasta stew. But messier."

Stephanie: "I love your find cuisine, Nadine."

find cuisine cuisine food random pasta meals dinner fine cuisine ingredients
by CrimsonInk August 07, 2009
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Aug 8
Taking a shit. To make clay, To have taken a huge dump.
"I am making clay", "I just made clay" ,"I just made a clay sculpture".
by danwade July 29, 2009
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Aug 7
One of those slap your forehead moments when you realise that you've just done something incredibly stupid.

The moment when something "dawns on you" and "the penny drops.
A dohment is when you realise that you've put the baby outside and tucked the cat up in the cot for the night.


A dohment is when you wonder why the lawn isn't looking any better then notice that you haven't engaged the lawnmower blade.
by la_spice August 04, 2009
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Aug 6
1.The act of helping a friend fine tune their twitter updates. Either to make them funnier or more concise.

2. Knowingly coming up with tweets for a friend or colleague.

3. Tweeting for a company or entity under the guise of being them.

4. Tweeting as a celebrity without their knowledge.
"Wow, Jane's last tweet was hilarious. she must have a funny ghost tweeter."


"That's not really Ashton Kutcher on twitter. That is a ghost tweeter."
by @offdutygnome August 04, 2009
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Aug 5
Making Base Contact; "saying" meaning contacting your wife, girlfriend, or serious female relationship via your cellular phone, just like as paramedics make base contact to get additional orders for patient care, one can give ones female an updated status on what the boys and yourself are doing.
you: hey guys so are we getting ready to head to the bar now?

friends: yeah sure were leaving in ten, can't wait to get smashed!!

you: sounds great lemme just go "make base contact" first


you: great if you leave any sooner Ill be over by the garage "making base contact"
by onefastmedic August 02, 2009
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Aug 4
Depression caused by the lack of a holiday to party about for at least a one-month period. Typically occcurs between St. Patrick's Day and Memorial Day in the US and also during the month of August when holidrawl is present between 4th of July and Labor Day.
Date: April 26th

Dear Diary;

I'm in such holidrawl that I can't think of anything else to tell you! *flips back to entries from St. Patty's Day and cries hysterically*
by Sid Barrett March 30, 2008
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