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used to initiate sex when the submissive wants the dominant daddy to pound, choke, spank and slap the shit out of her
"Please fuck me daddy"
"fuck the shit out of my tight little pussy and make me cum on your big cock"
by sluttygirl221 February 23, 2019
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by Callmemaybe69 May 04, 2021
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Destroy my pussy daddy! Yeah! Uh! Harder! Fuuuuucckk I’m gonna squirt! 😩 oh my god ! Harder harder harder 😩 uh yes I cummed.
Fuck me daddy or I’ll suck the soul out of your giant cock
by Katelynn03 December 02, 2019
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what hunter says during sex. meaning fuck me HARDER. pull my hair. slap my ass. choke me.
fuck me daddy, harder.
by bigtittyballer October 23, 2013
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Words that mean to fuck the life out of her , slap her and make her tits and ass jiggle , choke her with your big long dick , cum all over her so she can lick it of her nice juicy pussy.
Women:β€˜Oh,oh,FUCK ME DADDY,oh yes’
Guy: β€˜suck my big dick and get the cum off of it for me’
Women: β€˜happily’

*chokes one his dick*
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by Awsomesex June 19, 2019
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when your shoving your big dick down that thick womans pussy and she screams (uhh yeah daddy thats it harder ,fuck me daddy yes omg please. then you cum inside her
We had a ball last nigh all she said wasfuck me daddy
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by big hip know it all December 11, 2019
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