1. to adjust slightly

2. to adjust a computer program slightly
They tweaked the game to fix a glitch.
by Light Joker August 25, 2007
Using your index and middle finger to squeeze someone's nipple; "the power of two becoming one"; can add "power" as a prefix to denote hard or rough; can indicate holidays (e.g., Merry Tweaksmas; Happy Tweaksgiving; St. Patweak's Day)
"It's time for your tweaking--give up those tender nipple buds!"
"We wish you a Merry Tweaksmas and a Happy New Tweak Year!"
"Okay, you can tweak me, but no power tweaks. Got it?"
by Freak Nastay February 25, 2003
1. To prefect something
2. Used to replace cool or related words in a sentence as an adjective

1. I totally tweaked my kickfilp today
2. Man thats party was tweak as !
by Ev-Dawg October 02, 2007
to fucking snap! to feel like you have been through enough bull shit and you just want to hurt someone
my girlfriend was putting me through so much shit last night i was ready to fucking tweak
by Kevin Bowen September 11, 2007
The act of going on twitter and searching somebody;
The equivalent of facebook stalking, but on twitter.
Boy: Hey you, Fbook me.

Girl: Tweak me.
by ashleystephens May 02, 2009
verb. to play with a girl's tit until it stands up.
example: tweak me, baybay!!
by tosachi April 10, 2008
D&D term, meaning to improve beyond the usual possible limit, usually applying loopholes in "the system", many "Tweakers" are supposedly a rebellious movement started by fudge sunday! that´s Right! Fudge Sunday!!!
This Monk is so tweaked he has a potentially unlimited amount of attack, a *3 multiplyer, and a crit range of 12-20!!! Jeez!
by Ser4phim January 09, 2004

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