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Frantic and compuslive behaviour often associated with methamphetamine abuse (crank). People who regularly abuse crank may find themselves unable to stop a particular random activity like searching drawers, having sex, or putting things apart. This is called tweaking.
"Oh man last night was awesome, I was tweaking and fucked my girlfriend for 6 hours straight..."
by RoOophy July 08, 2004
High on meth/crank. See also "Smebbin".
I was tweaking so hard I couldn't see straight.
by KOW October 11, 2002
To describe someone that is out of thier mind or making a mistake.
"Ohh did I say 6:00 o'clock? I ment 5:00, I'm tweaking!"
by Ashleysophia December 05, 2007
1. To be under the effects of amphetamines, esp. crystal methamphetamine hydrochloride.

2. To be nervous or worried about something, esp. the presence of law-enforcement personnel.
1. Dude I took a fat hit of some dank ice and I'm tweaking balls!

2. Dude I got pulled over with an o in my glove compartment and I was tweaking balls!
by Bri90 January 28, 2010
Repeatedly and obsessively engaging in a SIMPLE behavior or motion, like pulling at one's face to remove imagined objects that aren't there. Persons addicted to methamphetamine will engage in this type of compulsion. Yet, it is a myth some people subscribe to , that the behavior can extend to having sex. People high on meth can't perform anything NEARLY that complicated when they're tweaking, let alone maintain an erection or climax.
He must be tweaking like crazy, to have done that to his face!
by JB4BJ July 24, 2015
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