someone who's bugging out from tina... (crystal meth)
We be tweakin like every single weekend
by sfmar May 01, 2005
Thaaa coolest kid in south park
tweak is cool
by tweak July 18, 2003
1. a person who is tweakin out from crack
2. a crack baby
omg shes tweakin!!
by Krysti Moaner April 11, 2003
1. to spaz out or have a twitch
2. crack baby
dude, andy's tweakin on me
by Krysti Moaner April 11, 2003
in the moment where you are just starting to get excited before orgasm when your body starts to get all aroused
you're fucking around with someone and you start to get all into it... you start to tweak and it continues until you find the big o

Use for the word: omg... *pause* what just happened? I tweaked a bit... that was sooo hot
by Sam R from Sudz April 16, 2007
A hot-ass South African band.
Check out
by Anon March 11, 2004
the absolute best south african band that ever lived. chris, mike, garth and bugsy absofuckinglutely rock.
Did u see Tweak last nite at the rock concert 3? they were rocking!!
by i love bugsy June 22, 2003

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