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What this country is for the next 4 years.
With George W. Bush as President, the United States is fucked.
by I Voted for Kerry November 03, 2004
1) To have had sex in the past tense
2) To be doomed to misery in the near future
3) Describing someone who is totally and utterly drunk and/or completely under the influence of one or more drugs beyond the point of comprehension, rationality and all response. They may be puking everywhere and/or behaving abnormally, influenced by whatever's in their body. 'Fucked' is not usually referred to as a pleasant experience.
1) "Dude, Sam fucked Kay last night!!"
2) "Aaagh! Somebody called the cops! We're totally fucked!!"
3) "Dude, he is so completely fucked he doesn't even know what's going on. Help me get him to bed."
by Rep August 24, 2004
Doomed or destined for failure.
Rodney wasn't worried about the search warrant until he saw that it included his computer hard drive and then he said, "I'm fucked."
by harry flashman July 30, 2003
1. Engineering Science Student (EngSci)

2. nSci
To be an EngSci Student
-- To be fucked
by Mystro October 14, 2004
1) utterly screwed
2) to have taken it from behind
3) the state of having no future
beck is fucked.
by tizzieking March 04, 2003
1) to be in the worst possible situation at the most inappropriate time. Usually spoken in accordance with the word "up" in a coarse manner.
that squid got fucked up. This guy came and fucked him up from behind. Man that was fucked up.
by squid September 28, 2003
Being in love with two sisters
You are madly in love with the older sister but then you fall in love with her younger sister. You can't meet the older sister but you can date the younger one. That's Fucked!
by fass62 December 24, 2011
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