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adjust a small amount for improvement as in a race car or computer settings
I entered my computer bios and tweaked the memory settings.

My car is oversteering, I will tweak my camber settings.
by earl February 13, 2005
(1) to act like a spaz (see spaz) (2)to be incredibly hyperactive to the point that people believe you to either be mentally insane or hopped up on something (while not under the influence of drugs)
Did you see how Doug was tweakin' the other day?
by JK April 03, 2005
Street name for vitamin b6. AKA hack/beesicks. Commonly used for assisting the consumer in having a lucid dream.
Jordan hooked me up with some tweak, it was dope.
by Michael November 22, 2004
To Bone; Bonk; Do so on and so forth, but only with an ex-girlfriend. Not to be confused with regular sex.
"Went out last week and ended up tweak-in our ex"
by Dobern July 21, 2004
A homo or fag in San Fran
See that tweak over there, he must have a butt plug in...
by billbaroo November 21, 2008
(or tweek) To slightly adjust one's computer in order to increase it's speed. Often associated with overclocking.
I've loved to tweak the shit out of everything ever since I started messing around with computers.
by Zamfir June 18, 2004
Verb. To deliberately provoke, to push someone's buttons.
"So I said, 'how many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?' She said, 'How many?' I said, 'Three. One to take out the old bulb, one to put in the new one, and one to suck my dick."

"Did you do that just to tweak her?"
by Danny Delinquent December 04, 2003