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after too much anal sex the sphincter goes into a spasm not unlike winking
Always winking never blinking
by grannycatflap September 18, 2009
89 15
the act of basically having sex, but not, because neither party finishes.
When Penis enters the vagina for a short period of time, then for whatever reason, is removed from the vagina.
So you guys had sex?" "not really, we were just winking for a bit then stopped"
by hotmomma520 August 02, 2010
14 22
To fall asleep, or on the verge of falling asleep due severe exhaustion.

Lambert: Dude, I'm winking.
Philbert: What do you mean you're winking, you lame-ass-bitch, we still got another 72 hours to party!
Lambert: Oh, I guess I'll have to consume by body weight in redbull.
Philbert: Bish.
by Dvanoo January 16, 2006
14 28