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Older British word (early/mid 20th Century for certain) for women's knickers. Probabaly originates from 'drawing up' the underwear (as in drawing curtains closed/open).
My mother came rushing back in "I have forgotten to put on my drawers!
#knickers #british #underwear #draw #draw up
by PaulJustPaul December 26, 2007
american slang for panties
Today Im wearing my dazzling drawers!
by CandeeCane87 May 22, 2005
A dumb way of saying artist.
Hey Suzie, you`re a good Drawer. I`m gonna go watch Treehouse now!
#artist #art #drawing #kindergartener #stupid
by LUVUBOYEE November 04, 2012
The sliding piece(s) of a dresser that you can store your items inside. Usually stacked vertically.
I keep all my underwear in the top drawer of my dresser, and my pants in the drawer below it.
#dresser #drawers #cloths #closest #drewer
by Toro April 26, 2006
underpants (old-fashioned)
For sale: Chest drawers for women's drawers, $10 per item.
#panty #underwear #woman #chest drawer #oldfashioned
by aragreeen December 10, 2011
What some people, people who don't think a person is an artist until they're as famous as at least Roy Lichtenstein, call an artist. Normally by kids who are either under 12 or teens who are failing at least two classes.
Sometimes pronounced "drawler."
"Wow, you're a good drawer!"
#drawer #artist #draw #art #drawler #artest
by Deidara-chan February 11, 2009
A place where one puts silverware. Pronounced draw-er. Just like it is spelled. Not Droor. A droor is just door with an extra R. That's just dumb
Jenny: "Hey Jake, put the silverware in the DRAW-ER"
Derek: "Do you mean Droor?"
Jenny: "No Derek, you fool, I said drawer because that's where you put silverware. A droor is just a figment of your imagination."
#drawer #droor #droore #silverware #utensils
by the empress February 08, 2009
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