1. Customise or modify (something) to suit a particular individual or task
2. Improve (a mechanism or system) by making fine adjustments to it

synonyms: adjustment, modification, alteration, change, adapt, customise
I am going to tweak the design a little more on photoshop
by eslupmaet June 16, 2014
(Verb) To experience the speedy, lifted, euphoric effects of the drug Adderall or generic Adderall. NOT to be confused with the "half-tweaked" or "zombie" state experienced by those who take it too often (marked by indifference, and a strange respiratory effect in some that produces a "Hkkekkuuhehkk" sound upon trying to sleep).
"Dude, I just wrote five pages in a half hour."
"Man, you're tweaking!"
"This is awesome!!"
"Don't turn into a zombie - you'd piss everyone off and make weird 'Hkk' noises.. like someone we know!"
"Yeah, I love tweaking, not half-tweaking!"
by KingOfOranges June 02, 2013
People that love to have sex. Someone whose always horny.
by robbyfhark July 29, 2010
v- to tweak
to be extra twitchy, secretive, giggly while under the influence of weed, pot, marijuana
to have the tell-tale signs of being high (squinty eyes, blood-shot eyes)
"Yo after taking those five rips off the bong, I was totally tweaking out. I was pulling my hoodie all the way down, I put sunglasses on, and my eyes were BARELY open"
by bnell9002 November 10, 2005
Computers: To slghtly alter various settings and configurations for customisation and improving performance.
You can get better framerates in the game if you tweak some settings.
by generic January 21, 2004
Someone who overly acts weird, reacts in a weird way, or acts unnormal and squarish.
When a teen acts too excited in class and starts tweaking out.
by magsoldier15 January 20, 2011
To drink obsurd amounts of whiskey, vodka and beer....then throw a entire bottle of hot sauce about a residence room and in a couple peoples eyes, then passout and have a seizure in the middle of the kitchen....decent
Kevin Tweaked and emptied a bottle of hot sauce about the room
by Tweaksauce May 13, 2010

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