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Frantic and compuslive behaviour often associated with methamphetamine abuse (crank). People who regularly abuse crank may find themselves unable to stop a particular random activity like searching drawers, having sex, or putting things apart. This is called tweaking.
"Oh man last night was awesome, I was tweaking and fucked my girlfriend for 6 hours straight..."
by RoOophy July 08, 2004
One of the most disgusting kinky sex games. A Rose is the result of a woman pushing her colon outward (usually after a session of anal sex) as far as she can. The resulting horror sight of her anus inside out bulging out of her anus is called a "rose". It's nasty, trust me, really!...
"Come on, make a rose, you nasty little butt slut!..."
by RoOophy July 08, 2004
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