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Scott the Skoalman. Likes to munch on butt.
In math, when you learn a formula that makes things a lot easier, many people say "God, why didn't you teach us that Scott before?" Scott essentially=trick
by Scott Coleman January 10, 2008
A nasty girl who gives any kind of sex.
That trick slobbed my man.
by Cee-Cee February 26, 2007
A man who spends all hit money on a woman and gets nothing out of it.
I hate that trick-ass bitch always savin a hoe.
by jt February 24, 2005
1. a promiscuous girl; a slut
1.Aw man, I can't believe you want to date her. Don't you know she's a trick?
by englishman February 08, 2005
generally something thats highly polished chrome or unbelievably custom that looks cool. generally on 2 wheels or lowriders.
"fuck man, that shit looks trick as. nice work"
"that shit is tricked out"
"thats some tricky shit"
by ride 4 life September 27, 2004
A gurl who turns trick another words a hoe
In the words of B.Knight -TRICK PLEASE-
by Malcolm aka Q AND K.P. April 09, 2003
a person who tries to be something other than themselves, usually a female
Someone who turns others away from you.
she thinks she is cool. That "trick"
by seventh lover December 09, 2008