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neva is a beautiful person inside and out, and will always tell you like it is, she is very independant and loving. shes tough on the outside .. but when it comed down to it.. shes the nicest person you know. shes also great in bed and gives awesome head.
neva is awesome.. get you one.
by brittanna February 06, 2010
N.E.V.A. - Not Enough Viagra Anywhere

Used to express detest for a female.

Cleverly homophonic with never in certain dialects and therefore often incorrectly used in writing as slang.
Example 1
- Person 1: "Did you see Jessica yesterday? She really did slut up"
- Person 2: "Dude, she's still like a 9 on the kg-scale. So NEVA."

Example 2
- Person 1: "Do you eat humans?"

- Person 2: "Neva.."

- Person 1: "You realize what you just said?!"

- Person 2: "Neva!"
- Person 1: "You're sick, dude."
by UT+Per7 August 14, 2014
A term commonly used by myself and my friends Daniel and Chris, in response to certain comments and/or questions. We use it to explain to people that we have no part in certain things.
Person 1: "Do you eat humans?"
Person 2: "Neva.."
Person 1: "Yes, you do eat humans!"
Person 2: "Neva!!"
by drazikal nam July 21, 2005
Is another way to say neither as in not either!
I ain't wit him neva.
by MzQueenie2U August 19, 2003
1. Can be used to say someone will never do something.

2. as a name, can be used to describe a cam slut
1. No damn it, I'll neva fuck her again

2. Wow you dated Neva? She's a whore dude..
by ShadowsReign October 31, 2009
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