1) (Adjective) Describing something new or pimp.
2) (Verb) Manipulating.
3) (Noun) A rook pimp or a low classed ho.
1) Oh shit, homies gear be tricked out.
2) Man that fag got tricked.
3a) Yo trick, get yo ugly ass over here and pimp some hos.
3b) Yo trick, get over here and suck on my knob.
by David Yen May 29, 2003
A loose woman of the variety that sleeps with a man she just met on the same day she just met him. Used to also describe a skank..
THat girl Shea is a really stupid trick
by lolita June 04, 2004
verb- to spend (such as money) on or for someone. Usually a female
This bitch wanted me trick my dough on a new necklace for her!
by Jay January 24, 2004
1-a scandalous bitch
2-a hooker
1-a bitch that mite lie to a guy that she's pregnant just to keep him.
2-these tricks are out tonight. - she's trickin for a pay.
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
1. (n) Client of a slut
2. (v) To give sexual services from a slut
by QZkotL April 09, 2003
a fake hoe. someone who acts like they want dik. someone who tries to act cool but cant hang. Cory
cory: hey guys yo-
adam: Shut The Fuck Up Trick!!!
gage:haha Trick
by adam hiracheta May 17, 2008
When someone has sex without getting paid, or having sex without getting head first.
I was the biggest trick last night
by Joey Jaw Breaker May 12, 2008

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