Bitch ass hoe whos intentions with a boy are to get,money,sex like a tease has a bitchy ass attitude like this Hoe nicole
Kid1: Ayo how are you and your girl doing?
Kid2:Oh that bitch I dumped that bitch
Kid1:word did you pipe or get wop?
Kid2:yeah i got some love for my trouser snake from her that trick but she got alot of money out of me and ate all my trix cereal while being at my house that hoe!
by BrickCity July 17, 2005
verb- to spend (such as money) on or for someone. Usually a female
This bitch wanted me trick my dough on a new necklace for her!
by Jay January 24, 2004
When someone has sex without getting paid, or having sex without getting head first.
I was the biggest trick last night
by Joey Jaw Breaker May 12, 2008
a Sucker, someone who gets played again, again an again
you paid for her way again, you are a big Trick
by Techsoul March 22, 2005
An act of prostitiution, or a prostitute.
She turns tricks to earn some extra money
by boo January 19, 2005
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