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One who hires the services of a prostitute. Or, a biatch that provides such services.
1. I got money out his trick.

2. That trick-ass bitch is ho'ing.
by DaSnoopinatorFoSho March 22, 2003
1. a whore
2. a biznatch

1. to pimp a woman
1. yeah i picked up 15 tricks this past weekend
2. this trick is crazy, biatch

1. you've just been tricked, biatch! step up outta mah biznazz
by wasabi July 13, 2002
another word for a hoe
that gurl other there is a trick
by Tfleeton November 14, 2007
A complex acrobatic or martial art related move that is pulled off by a tricker

plural: tricks
Wow, look at those sweet tricks Juji can do!
by Yawgmoth Melkor August 30, 2005
Bitch ass hoe whos intentions with a boy are to get,money,sex like a tease has a bitchy ass attitude like this Hoe nicole
Kid1: Ayo how are you and your girl doing?
Kid2:Oh that bitch I dumped that bitch
Kid1:word did you pipe or get wop?
Kid2:yeah i got some love for my trouser snake from her that trick but she got alot of money out of me and ate all my trix cereal while being at my house that hoe!
by BrickCity July 17, 2005
An act of prostitiution, or a prostitute.
She turns tricks to earn some extra money
by boo January 19, 2005
A prostitute or the act of prostitution.
Ivette and Fiorella are dirty hoes. On the weekends, they turn tricks.
by Jennie October 03, 2004